2014 LAMA Dining Guide

Louisiana Archives & Manuscripts Association’s annual meeting will be held in New Orleans at the Old Mint on Friday, November 7th, 2014. For those attending, a restaurant guide for the area near the Old Mint is available as a pdf.

2014 LAMA Dining Guide

Please Note:

Some restaurants and many bars are cash only. Bank of America ATMs can be hard to find, but virtually every Walgreens has a Chase ATM.

Please note this is NOT meant to be an exhaustive list of dining recommendations – just a very small selection of places that the local arrangements committee personally endorses. For a more complete list of restaurants and bars, visit yelp.com, urbanspoon.com, or nola.eater.com

Many New Orleans restaurants will not do separate checks or split bills. BE SURE TO ASK HOW IT’S HANDLED AS YOU ARE SEATED. If everyone is ordering the same price amount, it is often easiest to ask the server to split the bill across whatever # of credit cards. Some servers will let you write down the amount to be charged on each card. Some restaurants will not issue more than 4 or 6 tickets per table. Being prepared with cash sometimes makes this process easier.

Restaurant menus often change frequently in NOLA, since so many places use fresh ingredients. For those with strict food allergies or restrictions, we strongly recommend that you call ahead to find out whether the restaurant can accommodate your needs. Meat often finds its way into some dishes as a flavoring that may seem otherwise  vegetarian (for example, cooked greens or red beans and rice), so be sure to speak with a server about selecting the best dish if this is a concern.