Cooling Down on a Hot Day!

212/365 Black and Gold crunch In New Orleans, we have lots of ways of dealing with the hot and humid days of August. The heat and humidity in New Orleans is something to be prepared for – as of right now in early July, it’s not unusual for the heat index to top 100 degrees. Here are some tips for preparing for the heat – and how to cool down once you’re here!

Packing Tips: While in NOLA, you’ll see many natives in swingy sundresses and natty linen and seersucker suits. Loose clothing made of natural materials is a must in the New Orleans heat. But don’t be fooled too much by the forecast – many places overcompensate by blasting the A/C at near-Arctic levels, so always carry a light sweater with you as well.

New Orleans frequently experiences afternoon thunderstorms during the summer, so be sure to pack a small travel umbrella and/or a foldable rain jacket in your bag. We also recommend bringing a refillable water bottle – you’ll want to drink lots of water to ward off dehydration.

Traveling around New Orleans: If you’re walking around outside, move slowly! The quickest way to become drenched in sweat is walking too briskly. Slow down – you’ll get there!

Even though the St Charles streetcar is not air-conditioned, it’s surprisingly cool as the breeze cuts through the opened windows. More information about transportation in New Orleans can be found here.

Favorite Ways of Cooling Down:

If basking in air-conditioning isn’t cutting it, here are some other methods for cooling down!

Frozen beverages: New Orleans has many options on the frozen adult beverage front. Unfortunately, while we can’t recommend any of the dubious (i.e. overpriced and low-octane) daiquiri options in the French Quarter, there is a great destination for daiquiris a few blocks from Frenchmen Street – Gene’s on Elysian Fields near St Claude.

Another tasty beverage is the frozen Irish coffee sold at 13 (Frenchmen Street), Molly’s at the Market, and Erin Rose (the latter two in the French Quarter). Highly recommended!

Icy Treats: Enjoy ice cream, sorbet, gelato or frozen yogurt? There are plenty of options in the CBD/French Quarter. Some of the best include Meltdown Popsicles (awesome and unusual flavors!) and La Divina Gelateria (a great local sorbet and gelato chain).

Take a Dip: The conference hotel has what appears to be two awesome pools. For those of you not staying at the hotel, don’t worry, you can still cool off at pools open to the public around town! The W Hotel (CBD) opens its pool to the general public every Sunday from 11am-5pm as part of the “Adult/Swim” program. Newly-opened Indulge Island Grill (Warehouse District) features food, a health club, and a pool. You can purchase a day pass for $10. For those wanting to strike out a bit further, the Country Club in the Bywater is a great LGBTQ-friendly restaurant (the brunch is highly recommended!) and backyard pool. More information, including pass prices, available here.