Information on Accessible Venues in New Orleans

For conference attendees with accessibility-related travel concerns, we’d like to share this information prepared by New Orleans’ Advocacy Center. These guides to popular local restaurants and bars provide information on the accessibility of entrances, interiors, and restrooms.

Accessibility Guide to Restaurants

Accessibility Guide to Bars and Music Venues

For information on public transportation accommodation, please visit this page. Taxi cabs in New Orleans are not typically accessible for those using mobility devices. If you need to arrange paratransit in advance, please contact Joe Watkins, RTA/Veolia, Paratransit Director. Phone: (504) 390-4712 and email:

2 thoughts on “Information on Accessible Venues in New Orleans

  1. Much appreciated! I will add that we have contacted the NORTA office and they have been very helpful. To use the paratransit services on a visit to New Orleans, we were asked to provide proof that my husband qualified for paratransit services in our home town. Once that was established, we were assigned a NORTA client number and can request transport, including to and from the airport, while we’re there – with a one to five day advance notice.

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