Music Monday: Bounce edition

At some point in New Orleans, you’ll hear bounce music, even if you don’t go seeking it out. Given that New Orleans is probably the city with the most dancing in the United States, bounce music is inseparable from the extremely energetic dancing (e.g., bouncing or twerking) that accompanies it. This is a very small and modest primer to bounce: it’s such an expansive genre that one post can’t possible capture the entire scope. There are far more unbelievably great and important bounce artists than this short post can represent.

For further resources, check out this scrollable timeline of developments in bounce, and the incredible online exhibit of bounce artists, Where They At.

Please note that the following audio and video content may be objectionable to some readers.

The Party Classics:
These are some of the classic throwback bounce tracks – they’re so pervasive that you might even catch them coming from a DJ’s set at a fancy Uptown wedding. In DJ Jubilee’s “Get Ready,” you’ll hear lots of references to many New Orleans’ locations (including various wards, high schools, and housing projects), which crop up all the time in the genre (and in many of the names of the artists and songs). You’ll hear the Triggerman beat in the background of “Get Ready” and more prominently featured in “Shake For Ya Hood.” This beat crops up over and over again in many bounce songs and remixes.

DJ Jubilee – Get Ready

Bonus Track:
Ricky B – Shake For Ya Hood

Bounce in No Limit and Cash Money
Two of the most important New Orleans record labels in the 90s/early 2000s, Cash Money and No Limit collectively boasted major artists such as Master P, Juvenile, Mystikal, 504 Boyz, the Hot Boys, B.G., Birdman, Mannie Fresh, Lil Wayne, and more.

Choppa – Choppa Style (You can hear some riffs from Ricky B and DJ Jubilee in here)

Bonus Tracks:
504 Boyz – Wobble Wobble
B.G. feat. members of the Hot Boys and Big TymersBling Bling

Recent Bounce and Sissy Bounce
Bounce has continued to develop a more energetic and dance-focused pace as can be heard in some of the tracks below. Magnolia Shorty was killed in 2010, however her music is still heavily sampled in many newer tracks.

Probably the most high-profile development in bounce over the last several years has been the uncontested triumph of sissy bounce, performed by openly gay rappers. The most high profile sissy bounce artists are Sissy Nobby, Big Freedia, and Katey Red

Gotty Boi Chris – Wiggle Low

Bonus Tracks:
Magnolia Shorty – Smoking Gun
Big Freedia – Y’all Get Back Now
Katey Red – Where Da Melph At