Music Monday: Kermit Ruffins

Kermit Ruffins is the quintessential crowd pleaser – if you go to one of his shows, you’ll see natives and tourists, young and old, all grooving together. A founding member of Rebirth Brass Band, for a very long time, Kermit was known for his late-night shows at Vaughan’s. More recently, he’s been doing some earlier shows at both Vaughan’s and Bullet’s (yup, the same Bullet’s mentioned on HBO’s Treme, and which also features several appearances by Ruffins) If you’re hungry at a Kermit show, you’re generally in luck – he often has a big BBQ smoker outside one of his shows (hence the “Barbecue Swingers” part of his act). And I can attest – the BBQ plates are great! Kermit will be playing several spots around town during the joint annual meeting – check out performance dates here.

Drop Me Off in New Orleans

Treme Second Line

Skokiaan (live performance)