Quick Guide to NOLA Transportation

Now is a great time to visit and explore New Orleans! The city has recently updated and expanded its public transportation system. It is now easier than ever to get around the city and visit museums, parks, and cemeteries.

Streetcars (don’t call them “trains” or “trolleys”, please!) run close to the Hilton Riverside Hotel and Conference Center and can get you far and wide across the city. In combination with buses, taxicabs, and pedicabs New Orleans is open for exploration.

Streetcars and Buses – The best way to see the city is on the world-famous New Orleans Streetcars. Fares are $1.25 plus $.25 for transfers. For only $3 you can get an All-Day pass which lets you get off and on both buses and streetcars all day long. These are available for purchase on the bus or streetcar. If you do not have exact change, you can get the difference applied to a card to use next time. You can also buy a card that covers you for multiple days.

The New Orleans Regional Transportation (NORTA) website offers a trip-planner program to help you catch the right bus or streetcar. http://www.norta.com/

A NORTA app is available for Android phone users. This app has all the schedules and timetables that are on the website. Android App is $1.77 at the Google Play store. For iPhone users NOLA Transit is available for $1.99.

Pedicabs – The French Quarter can be explored on foot but these bike powered rickshaws can speed you through for a fun tour. Rates are $5 per person for the first 6 blocks, $1 per person for each additional block, but ask first for pricing before hopping on-board these recent additions to the city transportation system.

Taxi – Taxis are quick and easy, but offer very little sightseeing value. But if you need to somewhere quick, you can get almost anywhere for less than $20. Airport rates are $33 for 1 to 2 passengers. 3 or more passengers cost $14 per person. United Cab is the most reputable service. 504-522-9771 (Editor’s Update: Check out the SAA airport shuttle service for a cheaper airport alternative to taking a taxi)

Thanks to Dolores Hooper for this post!