SNAP Lunch Buddy program

The SNAP (Students and New Archives Professionals Roundtable) Lunch Buddy program will return for its second year to the 2013 annual meeting. Launched at last year’s San Diego meeting, the Lunch Buddy program was an informal program set up to facilitate networking and connections between new and established members of SAA. The Lunch Buddy program was started to assist first-time attendees with important opportunities for networking (e.g. coffee breaks, meals, etc). The Lunch Buddy program is entirely voluntary, and no one is obligated to attend all meals. Furthermore, the Lunch Buddy program is not restricted to lunches; last year the program was used for dinner, brunch, coffee breaks, and happy hours. The Lunch Buddy program sign-up sheet is located here:

Meals or meet-ups are suggested by a person willing to “lead” a group. The leader simply acts at the point of contact for the meal, s/he is not obligated to recruit attendees or pay the meal expenses of anyone other than him or herself. The leader selects a restaurant, a meeting place (the default meeting location is in the hotel on the first floor [near the escalators, across from the concierge desk]), a time, and contact information. Interested attendees then add their name to the list (which the leader can limit to any number of spots under 5 attendees). Restaurant listings near the hotel can be found at

The Lunch Buddy program was widely praised last year by all who participated. If you are interested, please sign up to host (or simply attend a meal) here.

We also highly encourage folks to check out the COOLinary dining promotion, which many fine dining restaurants participate in by creating an excellent and affordable prix fixe menu. Check out participating restaurants here.

For further information, please contact Eira Tansey at or