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Upcoming Meetings and Events

Our first quarter meeting will be Wednesday 20 March at 3:45 pm at the Main Branch of the New Orleans Public Library. 


We will cover regular business from 3:45-4:00, and at 4:00 pm we will have a special presentation from Friends of the New Orleans Public Library Executive Director Shannen Cvitanovic, who will talk to the group about grant writing for small institutions. 


If you have any specific questions for Shannen, let us know at so we can pass them along. 


This meeting is starting earlier to accommodate folks who have a hard time meeting after 5 pm on weekdays. We hope to offer a Zoom link to the meeting so you can still participate even if you can't come in person. 


This year, we will alternate early/late start times for our quarterly meetings. We also plan to offer more workshop/learning opportunities as a component of the meeting. 


See everyone in a few weeks!

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Upcoming GNOA Meeting

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